That One Question That All Expert Hair Stylists Seem To Ask…

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That One Question That All Expert Hair Stylists Seem To Ask…

We explain the dangers of using cheap, chemical laden shampoos and conditioners

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

We must admit, hairdressers seem to love asking that question. It’s almost a cliché in our industry.

But there’s a good reason we ask this, we really do have your hair’s best interests at heart! We’re specialists in hair care and styling, this is our domain, and we want to get the best results possible with your individual hair type.

Why it Matters What Shampoo and Conditioner You Use

Investing in a decent shampoo and conditioner is like eating a healthy diet. It’s the base from which everything else is built. If you don’t eat properly you can feel lifeless and drab. Well, it’s the same with your hair!

Feed your hair with good quality, professional products and you will notice the difference! Like anything in life, your hair needs a little TLC to be at its best.

For an exquisite hair care experience, you may like to try our hair spa, a specially formulated treatment to deeply restore and rejuvenate your hair and scalp.

The Real Cost of Cheap Chemical Shampoos and Conditioners

Don’t believe us? Let’s take a quick look at what you are really putting in your hair every time you take a shower with a chemical-based shampoo and conditioner.

Hair care products are supposed to promote the health of our hair, but certain chemicals found in popular store-bought shampoos and conditioners can have the opposite effect.

What’s In My Hair Care Products?

Mainstream shampoos and conditioners often contain harsh chemicals, such as sulphate, paraben and silicon. If at all possible, it is best to find products that are free of these three nasties. Here’s why:


This substance is used in shampoos to break away the dirt from your hair and scalp, however, studies show that the sulfates used in cosmetics can be toxic and even carcinogenic. By deteriorating the follicles of the hair, sulphates slow the hair’s growth and can cause hair thinning and even hair loss! Definitely not what you want from a shampoo.


A preservative used in hair care products to stop bacterial growth in the shampoo itself and prolong shelf life, parabens can also increase levels of oestrogen in the body, which may cause breast cancer as well as the early onset of puberty. Parabens can also cause the breakdown of hair follicles, as they remove the protective cuticles, leaving the hair dull and brittle.


There are two kinds of silicon used in hair care products – water-soluble silicons and non-water soluble silicons. Water soluble silicons can be washed away just with water. However, non-water soluble silicons require sulfates to cleanse them from the hair. Silicons give a false appearance of health, by coating the hair, so that it looks sleeker and frizz-free. In reality though, it does not make your hair any healthier, and actually weighs it down making it look quite lifeless over time.

Why Your Hair Is Not Keeping Its Colour

What all of these chemicals have in common, is their negative effect on your hair. Additionally, by coating your hair in these substances, you are creating a barrier which stops your hair colour from penetrating into the hair properly, causing colour “fallout” and quicker colour fading. These chemicals also increase hair drying time, which means more time under the hair dryer, as well as the tendency for your hair to get oily more quickly.

Our Recommendations For The Best In Hair Care

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