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Treat your hair to something special

At A Little Hair Affair, we will select and create specialised treatments that is right for your hair and scalp, catering to your hair’s individual needs. We offer tea rinses, hot oil treatments, hot towel treatments and basin treatments, specially formulated to help rebuild, restore and rejuvenate your hair.

Tea rinses and oil treatments are a great way to lock moisture into the hair, keeping the scalp supple & free from dryness. With continuous use, your hair will feel strengthened & less prone to breakage. Many of our treatments increase blood flow, contain antioxidants, cleansing properties, antibacterial properties & amino acids. They can also promote hair growth, sooth the scalp and enhance shine.

If you are pregnant, lactating or taking medication, check with your doctor to make sure that a specific herb won’t be harmful to you.

Your hair says everything about you, so say it in style with A Little Hair Affair.


Prices From

  • Basin treatment$20
  • Hot oil treatment$35
  • Hot towel treatment$30
  • Mini treatment$15
  • Tea rinse$15
  • Cureplex treatment$50
  • Hair steaming$10

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